Small Correction

8-11-2021 – Short Coded Message – There was a minimal bending of time during the write-up of a hologram from an Artifact-bearer in my practice. There was a small correction that had to be done for the Aquarian workers/platformers. There were some faulty templates found in their DNA systems – not a whole lot, but they were there  … Read More Here

Finally the end of my Hidden Story

07/11/2021 – I was allowed to receive my step-in process today via a lucid dream, which I know will be worked out further, that part I had indeed lost. Thanks to the addition that missed in this DNA from 10.33% I now have the answers I was seeking for, like also a few of the lost peaces of the enormous puzzle about the path I have chosen … Read More Here

Message fot the Other Hearing People

Delta Federation and Terra are passing on a message at this time (03:03 on 2/11/2021) for those who want to understand that Aquarian Age will begin to take shape according to its origins. For those who still work with the influences from the Pisces Age, the Pisces Age is over and the Aquarian Age brings new insights with it … Read More Here

Protect the Children

01/01/2021 From four of the seven Galactic Federations connected to the seven beams of light that will reach Terra on 22/5/2022. This is not only about protecting millions of children worldwide from the forced vaxxi nazis and poisoned food, but also about protecting hundreds of thousands of children from something that many don’t even want to think about … Read More Here

Opening Galactic Portal

10-10-2021 – This is a coded message/channeling in alignment with Terra and Aquariusworkers. A higher traveler part – coming from another galaxy – named Archa – for an entry on 10-10-2021. The newly-entered Fractal traveler part – will begin to designate, channel, record and distribute the time clocks to a small group of incarnated Crystal children. In order to collectively … Read More Here

Fifth Terratime

18-09-2021 – Channeling my fractal family and Terra: More information follows and this is not an easy one to release collectively, and make it public but we are going to do it anyway – coded and protected by Terra – Despite the fact that ‘they’ are not happy with this discovery, which is palpable in everything around us, we are … Read More Here

Here to Help

03-08-2021 – Most ‘drawings’ are chronicled in parts – and tell something about activated groups – gatherings in channelings – information being released – A knowledge bearer who ‘tells’ me in my lucid dreams and channelings what it looks like (spiritually) collectively. As you can see the top left is not finished yet – writing this down sometimes takes months … Read More Here

Deep Vibration Terra

10-07-2021 – Today Terra carries a very deep and slow vibration, which can be clearly felt and perceived in the cells of our body, but also around us. It seems as if time stands still, and I don’t mean clock time, but as if time has been turned back. It feels as if the energy is not going up in the right direction … Read More Here

Underground Levels

25-6-2021 – We (all) are in the process of tackling all the underground levels, first we were working on the surface, now we are at 10 to 16 kilometres (6 to 9 miles) deep levels – The 8th of the 13 bloodlines is down – still 5 to go, who are highly evolved in the structures of the systems. There … Read More Here

8th Bloodline Down

20/06/2021 – Those who can work with both, the Light and the Dark, the eighth structure of the S. Cult (13 bloodlines) was brought down last weekend. Helpers worked extremely hard thee groups were brought together, Earth is stronger than ever and it helps enormously with the cleaning up of – the manipulated darkness … Read More Here

Message for Empaths

19/06/2021 – Dear Blues, the extremely sensitive Ones, the empaths who are feeling alone. This channeling message is for you, this channeling is send from Terra – It has been a very busy period for many, especially in the nights there is a lot of work being done on the repair of the fifth DNA strand – repair of the … Read More Here

Opening Gate six

10-06-2021 – Dear Ones, The sixth gate of ascension was officially opened on June 10th ’21 at 11:15 Dutch time, and I am very, very happy about that! This happened at the time of the Eclipse and the downloads continue unabated – clearly palpable. At 3:33 that night I woke up and went outside to admire the starry night. There … Read More Here

Merging Five Logo’s

18-05-2021 – Five planetary logos have merged and become one this week, to give the current timetables a big energetic push in the ascension shifts – of True Inner Freedom! Particularly noticeable past two to three weeks, with the opening of a number of download portals from the solar systems (consciousness), Terra is helping us … Read More Here

Seven Stargates

13-05-2021 – Last night I had a few activation’s and channelings trough seven stargate family’s connections, it was very busy but fortunately I had a lot of help … This is a coded message from Terra and Seven Stargate Family’s for the Great Warriors Master Manipulators of Energy Delta Force. It’s Time to Awaken this Light Force Ground workersgroup to … Read More Here

Implant Pineal Gland

28-4-2021 – This drawing is a super raw an chaotic investigation channeling I had to make, in an attempt to understand how the story written below fits together. For now, this is the information I have worked out and received myself last night, but I would like to know a bit more about it!Well this is the story: This week … Read More Here

Incarnation System

27-4-2021 – Yes! I have been given permission from my cosmic family to share this information about the incarnation system with you Dear Ones, code receivers. For those who are interested: I am working with incarnation densities as a researcher (mostly Hidden ) and have no permission to share all of the information I have received … Read More Here

The Learning Body

20/02/2021 – In reality, the soul that has chosen to enter the human learning body is constantly in an expanding continuum of timelessness that can be seen as spring, summer, winter and fall. Like a dandelion seed that comfortably nestles in fertile soil, becomes a root from which a shoot eventually grows (spring). The shoot rises above the earth and … Meer lezen over

Black Obelisk

19/02/2021 – Dear Aquariusworkers –  What a day and night!!! There is very hard work going on behind the scenes by many telepathic ‘soul beings’. The black Artificial Obelisk above the ocean, I mentioned earlier – that in 2016 still was in the ground, came up further step by step after a few checking-channelings about it in the past 5 years. … Read More Here

Hidden Worker

19-2-2021 Coming out for the First time in the open on Facebook to Friends and -Family who did not know anything about my ‘hidden’ channelings work from Higher Fractal Selves, my Fractal Family from Linear Galaxy in Omniverse and this Universe Deltagroup and of course mother planet Terra. What many of you don’t know is that I get channelings through … Read More Here

Nine Flowers Incarnations

02-02-2021 – Channeling from Delta: From January 2019 to January 2021, the soul group of the 9 flowers, Leaders of the Aquarius-workersgroup (the builders) were heavily attacked by the counterparts trough manipulation. From August to this week, I did a lot of research and working out in personal life on this phenomenon. The artifici.als from the b.lacks … Read More Here

channeling Yang

01-02-2021 – Channeling Yang Friend: Did You Dear Ones also – Notice who was with us this week? The Old Dark itself and that was a long time ago for me. While drawing and channeling, I said, Hi dear old friend, welcome back, long time no seen. Do you remember that you once collaborated with the Light? That you were … Read More Here

Collective Shit

31-01-2021 – Coded Channeling: Dear Aquariusworkers … It was a spicy week for many, felt clearly as a collective shit  The four primary gates of ascension are still intact and protected to receive and protect the incarnation of the Last White Child of twelve in May 2021. The day before yesterday I felt that four Seraphims came together, each of them … Read More Here

New Planetary Logo

27-1-2021 – Coded Channeling from Delta and Terra – New planetary logo, the fifth of a series from end of august until end of January – last one arrived about a week ago, still working this one out, because a part of this one was pretty damaged en parts of it were hidden – by the counterparts of the Light … Read More Here

Raise Consciousness

14-12-2020 – For many people, strength, faith and trust are stronger felt than ever before. This is collectively tangible and visible, and to be honest, I am pretty happy with this whole transition, to raise mankind consciousness. It feels, as if the lock-down is getting us to the deepest layers of our inner self, maybe even to the child we … Read More Here

Organism on Terra

15-10-2020 – I am not used to this kind of drawings from myself, it was a strange energy on which I bowed myself. It felt as if some kind of organism was crawling over Terra (motherplanet Earth) and I could not explain what was going on. I did not incarnated from linear time (omniversum) just to spread light, but also … Read More Here

Crystal Seeds

08-10-2020 – Coded from Delta and Terra – If You Resonate with this Drawing, this information maybe will be for You. Long Time no seen and excuse us for that.  It took many months, but Working Hard here to write all information down. Last months You received Many Codes from the Delta Group and Terra and I, Heidy had to bring … Read More Here

Contracts and Pacts

22-06-2020 – A few months ago I woke up and a kind of professor spoke to me about engaging in contracts and pacts. He told me that in DNA the contracts and pacts made by our ancestors are still registered in our bodies (false templates). I have never been able to understand properly why I could not be attacked, attached … Read More Here

Big Transformation

25-05-2019 – This coded channeling from the Delta Group came on paper this week. For the Ones who had difficult Lives on Earth, Or difficulties to come out as Who they Are as Highly Gifted Souls … The Codes of Hope, Love, and Conviction, belief in innocence and inner goodness, transforming Rage into Love. This is a visual Embodiment of … Read More Here

Ascended Humanity

23-05-2018 – Once again we will focus on the obvious. This is the Theme and will remain a Theme as long as it is needed to understand the whole happening! This is about a piece of history and the future in which we will look at – what we have learned – The first steps to an ascended humanity starts … Meer lezen over

We work together in a Unified Cooperation with Source, Terra and Delta Group.
In Lak’ech from Heidy

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