A Coded Message

“met open ogen aanschouwen
zal het hart diep raken”

12-11-2016: A coded message: Most of the time we should not 'think' too much - about that which we have been taught - instead of simply letting our intuition and feelings speak. Deepening and completing the 'Spiritual Journey' which we believe is all about 'self realization or realization of self. Virtually all my life I have had a 'hidden' side that many - with the exception of a handful of loved ones & friends - have never known I carry within me. Denying myself to maintain this 'hidden' side to please someone is no more because we are allowed to slowly step into openness.

You can always proceed to unfriend me in real life or on the internet - if you don't like my persona (anymore) - because "I" may carry a different "truth" than "yours". Truth is just a perception of a much bigger picture where a kind of you and me find ourselves. For those, who are open to other opinions and visions, thereby daring to look critically at the illusion in which we daily find ourselves, know - that what is beheld with open eyes, will touch the heart to the core, will bring about the great transformation of the collective consciousness, there will be stars descending upon humanity to guide the ascension.

To those who live only the individualized soul, but not the soul vibrations from the human body, we ask that you investigate and explore your own physical life and its vibrations. Exactly as the Earth Magicians, Witches and other Nature Healers or Sages have preceded us in this as star people for eons. To those who only live the body and not the soul vibrations - we want to tell we humanly speaking as exceptionally critical observer and intuitive knower from plasma brain connected to the divine DNA about the state of affairs in the present world - have formed our own truth and thus our own image shaped perception - which is both - the spirit in a human body.

Perhaps a very unpopular decision on my part once I start sharing this message with others, but hey, it's time to show myself to a larger world than my loved ones and friends, right? My personal soul mission also has the right to speak, even if it is only to a small group of readers - who will pick up something from this for themselves. But for anyone who is spiritually awakening, the only and real reason to hide their own unique spiritual self - is out of fear of their immediate environment of 'non-believers'. The fear of losing the people you love is greater than the urge to proclaim the truth of your own heart. Even when these people have already hurt you for a lifetime, fear of loss remains.

When you suddenly find yourself awake in a sleeping world full of puppets and narcissists - then maybe it's time to put on the bold shoes. Maybe even to carefully examine how you can start expressing your own unique truth, thus saying the vibrations of who you really are, unique and authentic. Not because you have to, but because otherwise it will be your own wasted life, like the many souls who have gone before us, imprisoned as puppets of their own DNA.

We all are here with a Personal Mission and this one is not to convince others of your "spiritual" or "realistic" truth as we move into the Aquarian Age. This one is to show you who you are in in reality - are on the inside. Let them, those you are afraid to show yourself to, delete you from their lives - when you have finally become yourself. Better to lose than to get rich from it, so that unique you, for the time remaining here - can simply be authentically lived from the sovereign aspect.

Anxiety about losing everything you have acquired or built up in life belongs under the header - the learned habits - the mass conditioning - the possessor form - brainwashed. It may have even made you a puppet of your own immediate environment and life. Perhaps a whole new environment will suit you just fine, one where you will feel wonderfully at home, because you can be yourself.

Het leven neemt prachtige wendingen van nieuwe paden en mogelijkheden en elk pad dat wordt ingeslagen is waanzinnig interessant – althans dat is mijn visie – want ik ben niet bang voor verlies van materieel of mensen. Het is zo belangrijk om daadwerkelijk naar binnen te keren, te zien wat er gaande is, hoe het spel wordt uitgespeeld door het duister.

Dit gaat niet om anderen te overtuigen van hoe jouw eigen spel des levens in elkaar steekt, dit gaat er niet om dat jij anderen moet vertellen hoe spiritueel jij of die ander zou moeten worden of zijn. Spiritualiteit is de weg of een vorm naar zelfrealisatie, het leven in een lichaam vanuit het eigen hogere bewustzijn – Dat we zelf bij machte zijn om onze eigen levens te scheppen, vormen en creëren – daarin onze eigen vrijheid, liefde en waarheid zijn. Anderen aanmoedigen en inspireren dat elk bezield mens in staat is om vanuit de eigen waarheid te leven vanuit een goddelijk of bron bewustzijn – in plaats die van anderen te volgen.

The "sleeping" people versus the " awake" people has become a new-type spiritual duality. The own personal and unique mission of the 'awake' people is exactly the same as that of the 'sleeping' people. Humanity has been awakening for over 120 years through certain soul groups via certain rays and incarnation densities until ultimately a unified form will emerge that is good for Yourself, Nature, Mother Earth and her Children.

Expressing who you really are - the teachings of - freeing yourself from all the chains the thought you were chained to. Start carefully by breaking free from your own entrenched network - by making bold but inspiring choices, making brave decisions, getting in touch and exchanging information with like-minded vibrations - from the inside out and so it will always be like an explosion rather than an implosion. Words are stacked and therefore lethal to self-confidence, undermining often without people noticing, they make themselves bigger or smaller, higher or lower, better or worse as a result.

But like little children, no adult dares to see that we are all supposed to remain like children when it comes to transferring feelings. And it's time you all learn to see that transmitting twinkles, inner sparkles, a smile, a hug and yes even sparkling anger is equal to each other to the adult inner child.

Dare to share your unique earthly wisdom and cosmic knowledge with others - and feel how many people feel themselves alone in their spiritual growth. You are less alone than you think, because at this time, everyone is going through their own awakening process. By keeping silent about your own - you are unintentionally shutting out others - who may very well need your tentative encouragement. Be brave and start dropping some spiritually sober questions here and there in your somewhat 'peasant and down-to-earth' environment ? !

This world is full of closed eyes and blocked hearts and this world has been made to believe that there is only a birth and a death of the physical human body. An awake body with sleeping mind is founded on a Pyramid system of political governments, soul vibrations are immortal beings and are supposed to incarnate this consciousness.

Let people awaken at their own speed with their own network of growing people, because sharing your unique wisdom brings insight to others. It is up to them what they do with it - that is not for you to determine, whether it is your partner, a good friend or a family member. No one, but really no one is able to make the world - read - this humanity aware at once - of the illusion that we see. The well known oil slick effect - to actually put down new Platforms and the way to the fusion of old Tribes with New Tribes that will represent the civilizations - we cannot do it alone - we need each other very much.

Life is a bitch and then you die? We do not think so! Dying before we ever tasted the sweet taste of sovereign soul life - only the bitter taste - of human conditioning. No thank you, because as neither a pessimist nor a positivist, for those who have really gotten to know me - the spiritual realist - it has not always been an easy journey, as my body seemed to want to experience everything, to actually learn to understand - what 'sovereignty' means in this society, in this life on Earth!

From human trauma to healing, from sexual possession to sexual freedom, from physical chronic pain to liveability, from oppression to liberation, from poverty to wealth, from nearly death to totaly alive, from many losses to human death to new spiritual meetings, from ignorance to knowledge and wisdom - from victim to courageous traveller!

As explorers, researchers, precursors and gatekeepers of gates five to twelve of ascension, the Platformers and builders of the new civilizations, from the 7th to tentatively the 12th ray incarnations of other universes, it has not been easy to travel in this very delayed incarnational density.

Entered on 22-05-1969, born on 23-05- 1969 - we as a council have observed and witnessed the 'spiritually seeking humanity' from very close. The growth and developments from 3D to 4D to 5D and these gates will close around 2021/2022! It has worked out! Terra is winning, she is claiming back her real children and she will be victorious, it is time for the awakening of her real children.

For some "silent" gatekeepers, forerunners and wayshowers, the time has come when the great shift from 5D to 7D is going to take place to reflect the underlying work that has been done, the great awakening of a humanity that was put to sleep via DNA. They will be the actual physical acts of flesh and blood. The divine "workers" turned to flesh from Source. Immerging truth from Source love, unmanipulated, fearless and above all without 'weapons' will be theirs. Because they have never been in captivity, non-traumatized.

We are talking about Crystal, Diamond, Pearl, Gold and Silver children, who are going to step by step take out the human trauma through loving mergers. Both the "Light World" and the "Shadow World" were not yet ready for these silently incarnated groups, coming from the 7th and 12th universes. But there will come a day when there will be a fusion with 22 soul groups. The first 12 civilizations from the actual ancient Hybornea, and the next 12 civilizations from other Universes, because they should have made this merger 7.7 million years ago to allow Terra to expand in knowledge and time.

The imprisonment is over!

We were here all along to save Terra from her demise, to quietly build the new platforms, and to tell them after the great awakening that there will be a merging of Tribes. The 'new children', who know Terra like the back of their hand, because they are from the future and know fully her blueprint. They have gone on to travel where many Earthly Soul Children were imprisoned, for harvesting suffering, fear, human bodies and soul vibrations. It has been terrible!

As part of the Great Awakening - rather called The Collective Way to Self-Realization - it is important for people to know about the illusion and to, as a 'spiritual person', stop looking for it with the artificially placed upright colored chakras, which were placed in the bodies of the homo erectus and stop looking for it with others and from then on controlled the soul vibrations - puppets. Seek it from Soulself at your inner vibrations.

And if you have a personal opinion on this, frankly it won't do anything for us because it's a conditioned opinion. Critical thinkers and intuitive feelers are not conspiracy theorists, but they will always look at both sides of a coin, both the front and the back and again. Staying from a flowing opinion rather than condemning, that both sides look different from a certain perspective, but that it will continue to be just the same coin. Only stepping out of their own illusionary comfort zone - seeing the true nature behind their own conditioning - and carrying out a personal mission in flesh and blood as walking and breathing truth meters.

They are the new doctors, the new school systems, the new whistleblowers, the new politics and soon the New People on a New Earth who will guide the next generations, leaving their footsteps in the sand. And never have to do anything with written or narrative information from others, at least not with your thinking and split heads. Be vibrant and vibrational inner energy - the resonant sense of recognition, for once you were the same as we are. Namely, ingeniously assembled cosmic vibrations, moving, flowing, traveling in time rings that merge into one another.

Levend en ademend in een menselijk lichaam met een eigen unieke kijk is niet de overtuiging in te gaan, maar te vertrouwen op resonantie dat wat op je pad mag komen, vanzelfsprekend wordt begrepen, ja zelfs woordeloos vuur naar vuur te sparkelen. Dat wat wij willen beleven, ervaren om van te groeien, uit te breiden, expanderen, samensmelten en op deze manier weer tijdsringen bouwen – uitdijen, expanderen, van binnen naar buiten vibreren, en dit is iets wat wij niet vaak genoeg kunnen vertellen, dat het lichaam géén gevangenis is, maar een werktuig van de Bron. Ondanks dat het een ander werktuig is dan we ooit kenden :)

De zintuigen – eenvoudig en simpelweg in het eigen leven te zijn en wij weten dat élke scheppingsvorm er op een andere manier uitziet en dat wij slechts die unieke scheppingsvorm zijn, in welke vorm dan ook. Mijn eigen keuze was het, om te gaan leven vanuit dit specifieke bewustzijn. Een leven lang proberend om balans te vinden tussen hoe wij de wereld ervaren in een menselijk pakket van vlees en bloed, dat is realiteit en tegelijkertijd spiritualiteit. Vie mentale stromingen – het hart geraakt. Het innerlijke bestaande licht en liefde, elke duisternis kan overstijgen van binnen naar buiten. Elke dag opnieuw met als persoonlijke Mantra – gaan we het vandaag beter doen dan gisteren – in welke vorm dan ook.