From Childhood on

Always I saw a translucent eye when I closed my eyes, where I felt safe in the cold and hard world, to which I talked and from which I received answers back. Some of my 'works' as a child have survived, and in retrospect I see so much more in them than what I used to understand myself. The eye, multiple suns, the flower, the male and female, but the people I draw, and I remember this very well, wore a kind of antenna on the head.

But I was also preoccupied with all kinds of numbers and codes, globes, books, predictions. I believe my father and mother were not very happy with all that scribbling in their books, but there were very essential things in them, to my mind. I remembered several suns, the stars, the angels and so on, I went through my earlier (draft) works and put some of them on this website with the years. The strange thing is, that this is exactly the transition we are going through. The great cleansing, the clearing, the 144,000, the 29,000 the council of seven - nine and twelve angels and so on. Below you can see that my mind has always worked differently and this has never changed, but of course my work has been refined and improved - haha.

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