Opening Galactic Portal

10-10-2021 – This is a coded message/channeling in alignment with Terra and Aquariusworkers. A metaphysical fractals traveler part – coming from another galaxy – named Archa – for an entry on 10-10-2021. The newly-entered Fractal traveler part – will begin to designate, channel, record and distribute the time clocks to a small group of incarnated Crystal children. In order to collectively release the original blueprint per bundle in a number of time parts, we are working together. This is done with the help of the Council of Seven Light Bundles – the Federations from seven different galaxies. These helpers have directed the Seventh Beam of Light at Terra – which will signify the seventh ascension shift – the opening of gates seven through twelve.

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In Terra’s original rescue plan, an intervention was written and this intervention started on 10-10-2021 – at 10:21 NL time – Code: The last White Child successfully incarnated in a human Body in Germany in the month of May 2021 under the guidance of four incarnated Ceraphim linked to the North-East-South-West hemispheres of Terra.All Twelve bodies are still safe, hidden, alive and in perfect health – these Children have been linked to each other to enter into a partnership with Terra and the Federation of Seven and Aquarian Humanity from their subconscious and some with consciousness.

Terra is aware of this intervention whereby the photon belt deeper the original frequencies and light compartments into the bodies. So that Terra can move on to her Fifth Terratime – called by you The Golden Age – the Aquarian Age – the New Earth and the New Humanity.

This transition will begin with the Fall of two major pyramid-like systems that control the Social Media and the Federal Banks of the world. The false Light and spiritual Lies that were spread by Artificial Algorithms – taken over Lightworkers, the self-proclaimed Mission Lightworkers, originating from Orion have been put on Non-Activity and no longer receive a supply from its Artificial Intelligence. During the past period, many artificial lines – attachments – contamination and implants have been surgically removed from your systems in your sleep.

You have been able to feel this through the neck, vertebrae, heart area, energy management, tingling in limbs, flickering in the eyes, migraine attacks, poor concentration and old anger release. It seems as if the brain has to move through a glass ceiling, shifts of dimensions can be clearly observed. Different DNA compartments, including reptilian, human, hybrid are broken up and put in the right order. The DNA is slowly aligned in cosmic and earthly connection to a unity consciousness – starting from the zero cell.

Through meditation and visualization, make an alignment with the photon belt and the great central sun. Things have changed, such as eating, living and sleeping patterns but also the individual and collective mission seems to have changed. A major shift of consciousness has taken place and it is time for you to remember the original mission and purpose of your incarnation. Calibers are being brought together and you will emerge to the right people.

Those who no longer fit (or even hold back) your soul teachings will be released and disappear from your lives as a matter of course. Look and listen carefully to the symbols that come on your life path, time signatures, image fragments, resonance, synchronicity, individuals, helpers and so on. Your Neo Cortex has been tinkered with in order to put the human ego-thinking into its proper perspective.

You are being asked to trust more in your own inner knowing, the natural algorithms, and to step out authentically and uniquely – in the capacity that you are today. Several short (nightly) interventions and surgeries will take place in the coming period to tune the DNA and consciousness to the released photon energy. During the next shift, there will be a number of resets of the earth’s crust. This may include flooding most of the lower land areas.

Spiritually, planetary and solar we cannot avoid the changes and it is something to look forward to. The letting go of the Age of Pisces towards the actual start of the Aquarian Age – hip hip hooray!The soul incarnations coming from the third density, despite what they have unconsciously done – are guided with loving and gentle hand back to the incarnation density they came from to recover from their traumas and choices made. The next shift after the fall – after which there will be a building up of new civilizations. Forerunners have already been activated and are already at work on this.

During the fall, galactic federations are ready to show a large portion of Aquarian humanity the way to charity, holistic healing, domestic care, and lending a helping hand where needed. Deep compassion for ignorant humanity is called for. Whatever may happen – at all times we remain in loving and patient mode.

There will be given to 29,000 precursor Crystal children from 10-10-2021 to 11-11-2021 – a 0.001% degree telekinetic upgrade to contribute to the movement of photon energy (quantum alignment of consciousness) and the correction of the earth’s crust. Forerunners have chosen a sufficiently pure DNA line of three or more full helix couplings and thus carry the magical familial component of the twelfth incarnational tendency, linked to mother planet Terra.

Channelers will be telepathically informed and the future symbolism understood as a matter of course in order to work with it. The spoken and written human language will become a very different concept, as you will come to understand much more of the narratives of symbolism. Humanity has much to learn from the verbal and nonverbal language from the higher ‘spectrum’ – the high functioning cluster four children who speak filterlessly from a different human consciousness.

Always you have been different from the ‘rest’ and there has been a broader and higher degree of human intelligence/spiritual awareness/perspicuity/alertness/truth and cosmic connection. You are precursors of the new world connected to the seventh gate of Ascension. On 2-2-2022 at 2:22 NL time, seven beams of light will reach planet Terra and make the quantum brain an alignment with the photon energy.

These will not be visually visible to humanity, only tangible and noticeable to those who have already made attunement with the current upgrades, downloads, vibrations and frequencies. Lies and mutilated truths, deceit, manipulations, greed, oppression are coming to light and thanks to the internet, the “truth” is being shared quickly with each other. Everything and everyone on mother planet Terra will transform to higher frequencies and dimensions of Consciousness. The soul that does not want to go along with this because polarity is still functional will stay behind or leave this reality.

Life for them, the counterparts of the Light, becomes impossible as the loving Unity Consciousness manifests in every awakened soul. Emitting invisible but extremely powerful particles of light will purify human DNA bodies, bringing with it the realization that dying is not a nightmare if one has truly lived according to one’s truth. Allow yourself to be fully from unconditional love and work from your heart at this time. This is the key to moving more effortlessly through the accelerated transitions and releasing old limitations and beliefs.

We work together in a Unified Cooperation.
In Lak’ech from Heidy

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Hello Heidy, I hope it is ok to message you. I had a dream last night after many months of no access to my dreamtime. It involved traveling back in time to reset something, there was a gravestone and the end date was something like 1711 but I received the number 777 telepathically instead. There were children, I think in a school , perhaps even the same school I saw in a lucid dream experience several months ago, and I came into lucidity to see leaves of the same color as your drawing, the greens and mauve/burgundy and cream. I also received a message from a draumkona about 10 years ago about a child and a crystal. I am wondering if there is anything I should be attending to consciously at this time? Thank you for your work.

Goodmorning B. it’s okay to message me ? Yes I dowse there is a connection – In many, the channel was taken over – by an artificial intelligence – but these have now been surgically (energetically) removed and channels have been cleansed again. Those who are linked to thelepatic messages through dreams and channelings have recently had access again. Also, the grounds of many schools are currently being investigated, where children’s graves have been found. Where hundreds and hundreds of children (orphans) have been murdered, drained, and hidden away under the ground. These are many souls who have been stuck here in the 4th density (incarnation layer) – incarnating over and over again in the same DNA and in the same timelines. DNA is a complicated matter and the human body has over 22 different species (races) in its DNA. All the people (souls) who kept incarnating in the incarnation looping system have been liberated since about ten years by workers like you. This ties in with your dream about the crystal and the child and perhaps you belong to the group of Telepathic Transformers/Gatekeepers/Alchemists/Polarity Workers/Platformers. We are grateful for all the nightly work you do, often without your knowledge. The fourth timeline is far from being cleaned up – and many souls will still have to cross over – because of the Vaxxi-Nazi choice they had to make (whether forced or not). I am getting the message now that you have some upgrades to go and what you might consciously pay attention to is that the linkage you have with the children in dreams, visualizations and meditations is to place a prayer for the fourth density incarnations. Maybe good news for you – we already had the tilt two years ago and in fact Terra has already won her battle, what we see now is collateral damage from all that has been done. But in this Universe there is still plenty of battle going on, and we are now informing the precursors (telekinetic and telepathic target group) about that – their help is needed mentally. There are some upgrades coming, directed from the quantum field to which the pineal gland is linked. Where your dream time resides ❤ Thank you, We need your workers to accomplish everything


This message feels nice, there is palpable compassion towards those who are currently very obstructive and even damaging. The dissolution of dark elements gets its color and sound, and sounds like music to my heart. My body is tired, very tired, but inwardly it is bubbling and I feel that the release is not far away. There is so much grace, so much mercy, so much compassion. That which is impure will be purified, that which is incomplete will be made complete, that which is useless will be taken back and dissolve into the All. I have already said goodbye to this domain, an immense amount of energy has been consumed and given away by me …….. often so unconsciously but also because I was misled and placed in roles that did not suit me but to which I still said ‘yes’. I am grateful that it has become increasingly clear to me that my loneliness and feeling like a loner is a result of trying too hard to be ‘normal’. This took a lot of energy, immense energy, and by my ‘pretending to be different’ I left others in a ‘delusion’. This was a hard lesson to learn, and it saddens me that by my acting out I misled people. They have never really known me, because I did not allow myself to come out from behind the walls. Now that I am breaking down stone by stone, I notice that shame and an inferior idea of being are still in the system. There are people who appreciate me very much I notice and I can often put my finger on the wound with the other for the simple reason that it was or even still is mine. Those who surround me in my private life have emerged from the period of my acting out and I am aware that I have built this up myself and also that this is completely out of place. One sees my true self emerge more and more, however, this is again translated from that old perspective in which I have been hanging around for decades and which one will not let go of. I do not know why I am writing this here ……. but the above message makes me step outside of the broken down wall. I leave the stones and the mess, because cleaning up means only moving and again wasting energy. The world is full of this kind of rubble and I just step out of it in my imagination and show myself as I am, as far as I know it at all. For the time I have left here, I wish to continue without ballast. I cannot change the images of others, but I can work on my own image. Come time, come advice…. Thank you for your message Heidy